2954036 GARZA & ASSOCIATES http://apps.bexar.org/CCUnclaimed/WebForm1.aspx 3359469 J.W. Please follow the instructions below. 2669709 RENEAU, DONALD W, CPA 140 - HOTEL The Comal Appraisal District is dedicated to serving the Publics needs and increasing communitys knowledge of the Texas Property Tax System. 2956030 TARA T BROZINO The district appraises property according to the Texas Property Tax Code and the Uniform Standards of . Enter the last name and first name of the person on the case you are trying to locate. 620 - STAGE THEATER OP3 - Attached 3rd story porch 2852401 RANDY MORRIS Expand the group layers to show the individual map layers. Data is uploaded twice a year at time of notices in May and at full certification in July. CWA- MAIN - CAR WASH - AUTOMATIC MAIN 60073 FULCRUM PROPERTY GROUP INC CWP - Car Wash (Conveyor) 60428 LOWRY PROPERTY TAX SERVICE 3357820 TAXPROTESTMAP, LLC 350 - SERVICE GARAGE - AUTOMOTI R151500-00010-00010-000. 3351719 LOWER MY TEXAS PROPERTY TAXES, LLC 3287416 WEAVER & TIDWELL LLP 35 - Selma A2 - MOBILE HOME WITH LAND Homes similar to 14125 Iron Horse Way are listed between $130K to $695K at an average of $5 per square foot. 2922311 INTAX INC SOLD JUN 14, 2022. If you use assistive technology (such as a Braille reader, a screen reader, or TTY) and the format of any material on this Web site interferes with your ability to access information, please. 40494 CHAVEZ, ROBERT A 2952595 DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc 3076423 SIGIFREDO A CARRANZA 40700 TOLER, TOBIN Every effort has been made to offer the most current and correct information possible on these pages. For website information, contact (210) 242-2500. 40841 TEXAS SPECIALTY HOMES LP/SWE HOMES, LP 2764542 PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS 2615419 PRIORITY TAX SERVICES 3169828 NORMA TORRES 3264392 ERNST & YOUNG LLP 40050 BAETEN, RENE J 40808 PROPERTY TAX ADVOCATES INC 2620992 RIPLEY JOHN The Bexar Appraisal District highly encourages everyone to create an online services account to have quick and convenient access to these services. These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. Seeing too many results? All Types 2801642 PDS TAX SERVICES Real 60340 GERSDORFF MYRTHA 3353643 OWNWELL, INC A property with an appraised value of $152,400the median value in Bexar will be landed with an annual property tax bill of $3,000. 60078 ALTUS GROUP US INC 60021 RUBIN CANDACE 40526 PROPERTY TAX MATTERS 621 - THEATER BSMT FRC - Frame Crib 60498 RYAN LLC/ BURKE & ASSOCIATES 3295248 THE HEGELER LAW FIRM, PLLC (JEAN H MCARTHUR, ESQ) 40271 HAMILTON NELL V 3358621 LOGAN KIDWILL 2851771 METROTAX PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS LLC "Working to Help Keep Families In Their Homes with an emphasis on helping our Senior Citizens, our Disabled, our Veterans, and ultimately our Children.". 471 - LIBRARY BSMT Your deadline for filing an exemption or protest will not be extended while awaiting your PIN. All tweets & comments must be in compliance with Twitter's terms & conditions. 3295032 RICHARD V SALAS, ATTORNEY AT LAW 40641 WELDONS ELECTRIC INC 60478 PROPERTY TAX ADVISORS, INC 2614599 HERREJON, JAIME & CONCHITA 3288553 RYAN LLC J6 - PIPELINE 2716091 ROBERT N ROMINE 2558498 BADEN TAX MANAGEMENT LLC 60464 DOUG MORGAN & CO INC Sq. 40024 THE BUSINESS PROPERTY TAX GROUP Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. 3225877 PROPER TAX PROTEST LLC Victoria CAD. Ft. 9715-10 Park Dr, Helotes, TX 78023. 60100 ELLIOTT-WELLMAN 3291895 ROBERT MICHELI 60565 STRASSBURG & COMPANY 2420816 APPIAH-SIRIBOE, WILLIAM K. 3169564 PAULA R McLEAN 40102 CASTELLANO, ALFRED O Legal descriptions and acreage amounts are for appraisal district use only and should be verified prior to using for legal purpose and or documents. A2 - MOBILE HOME WITH LAND 40309 RIDDICK WILLIAM M / THOMASG RASCOE 3066153 GRANT THORNTON LLP D5 - NOT IN USE 3065020 Tarrant Property Tax Service E2 - MOBILE HOME ON RURAL LAND 3360540 KRISTINA BATES 3052053 FIVE STONE PROPERTY TAX If you have questions regarding your active or pending protest with the ARB, please contact customer service by phone at 210-224-2432 or by email at cs@bcad.org. 440 - VETERINARY MEDICAL OK 3. 3359531 ARMANINO LLP 60670 TRIPLETT, DAVID ; Click the menu toggle to show the menu Layers menu. 40642 WALLACE, DANA 141 - HOTEL BSMT FIN 2938050 MPIZZA MANAGEMENT COMPANY The website is updated each business day to provide our users with accurate, usable and up-to-date information. J7 - CABLE TELEVISION Property Search; Map Search; Tax Year: Property Search > 596017 ARIZPE PROPERTIES LTD for Year 2023. 3226477 CHRIS COOKE 2654290 PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE RESOURCE 2412786 ADVANCED PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE 270 - BARBER/BEAUTY SHOP 3369481 JESUS A LONGORIA 40244 SHODROK, CLARENCE MRS 2947045 CAIN, WATTERS & ASSOCIATES PLLC 60421 KURZ GROUP INC Property Search; Map Search; Property Search Options. 3116857 GREENBRIER MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC 2653226 WILLIAM LAMBERT III 3167701 JOE GROSS 2828895 RSM US, LLP ASP - Asphalt OLA - Outdoor Living Area 2619583 GRANT THORNTON LLP 40053 MENN & ASSOCIATES / ALBERT O MENN 2854890 DAVID GARCIA 601 - CHURCH BSMT Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links. CSB - Cold Storage Box 3302086 ORLANDO CARRANZA NJ 11368 RPJ INC. 3121861 PARADIGM TAX GROUP 3115732 JOHNNY J PENA 61 - BOERNE ISD 24 - Castle Hills 40292 MORELL, JERAULD F Reminder: The Tax Assessor-Collector Office does not set or raise property values or tax rates; we only collect taxes on behalf of the taxing jurisdictions. 2716975 CASTILLO VIC 2957517 MARK R EICHELBAUM $400,000. 60704 EXCEL REALTY CORPORATION 3168815 THOMAS RASCOE 3 Baths. ND Improvement Sketches, where available in Bexar County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. SEARCH BY OWNER NAME: Hint: "Smith A" Enter only the first part of the last name. J5 - RAILROAD 40354 WASHINGTON OF TEXAS PROP 200 - RESTAURANT 60023 MIMS MICHAEL Expand the One Stop parent layer to show the group layers. PTO - Detached Patio 402 - OFFICE BSMT/UTILITY NON-U Bexar CAD. 40820 SAENZ ROBERT & JUANA 3112752 MAURICE FURMAN which allows Pro members to map search results, select properties using easy drawing tools, download selected parcels as a 40031 RYAN LLC 56103 MCNEEL DOUGLAS V PA2 - Terrace - 2nd Level O2 - IMPROVED INVENTORY 3163702 PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE RESOURCES 2023 data current as of Mar 3 2023 1:15AM. Results Display. As the 4th largest county in Texas and the 17th largest county nationally, Bexar County is steeped in rich history and tradition, while at the same time rapidly growing with a population approaching two million. 60342 GILLIAM GAIL Looking for something else? Custom bulk data is available. 40589 ALICE B LITTLE TRUST Advanced Search. 3064401 ANDREW BLOUET 3061093 LAURI A POE In order to be timely, payment mailing or common carrier of taxes must be postmarked or receipted on or before the due date of January 31st. 3014539 INVOKE TAX PARTNERS 40048 DINNEEN DISPOSITIONS CO CP - Att Carport 63 - COMAL ISD 40729 RAMIREZ DANIEL D 490 - FIRE STATION 3021896 ALEJANDRO C TAPIA You may also use a notice that you received in a prior year. 40184 SEALE H KYLE 60490 MARVIN F. POER & CO 3336243 HALEY LAMBERT Seeing too many results? 180 - COUNTRY CLUB AG - Attached Garage 60619 VALUEBASE VA 3120781 R & R PROFESSIONALS SR PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS The default search above is by name only. 3223315 FANDL LLC This step is optional. 40078 HALLADA CARL A https://maps.bexar.org/foreclosure/ 2605147 THOMSON REUTERS, INC CWA - Car Wash (Automatic) 40004 FURMAN PROPERTIES TheOnline Portal is also available to agents that have been authorized to represent an owner under section 1.111 of the Texas Property Tax Code. 2617953 ROBERTO D. RAMIREZ Midland Central Appraisal District. 3110902 MENDOZA AND ASSOCIATES LLC 60001 SWBC AD VALOREM TAX ADVISORS 3242820 MARC DELAO 3356890 ALAMO AD VALOREM LLC Lucy Adame-Clark, Bexar County ClerkCivil Central Filing Department100 Dolorosa, Suite 104San Antonio, Texas 78205. the directors ELEVs3 - Elevator small 3 stop 60324 FLANAGAN BILTON . 3165352 GRANT THORNTON LLP SH4 - Shed (4 sides open) 40590 CENTENO, GILBERT & NORMA Register. Homes similar to 14333 Santa Loma are listed between $100K to $695K at an average of $115 per square foot. 40291 MORRIS LEROY E JR VI This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. 40283 MAPLES, O'DAY & ASSOCIATES INC 2716894 MICHEL LAW FIRM PC 660 - FITNESS CENTER 40827 PATTERSON MARTHA M by e-mail. Property Search Result - Texas. When visiting downtown San Antonio for Bexar County offices we recommend the Bexar County Parking Garage. 2413918 VALIGOSKY, MARY H. 3061080 JOSE MENDOZA Search for Overpayments ELEVm3 - Elevator med 3 stop A3 - NOMINAL ANCILLARY IMPROVEMENTS 40402 STOUT PROPERTIES 20549 PROPERTY TAX SOLUTIONS 2416262 SIMMONS PROPERTY TAX SERVICE Albert Uresti swearing into office for a third term as Tax Assessor-Collector on December 31, 2020. 2616168 UHY ADVISORS 40849 WAL-MART/SAMS $650,000 Last Sold Price. Prior year data is informational only and does not necessarily replicate the values certified to the tax office. 60054 ERNST & YOUNG LLP 2435844 ECS FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. Welcome to the official website of the Comal Appraisal District! For property information, contact (210) 242-2432 or (210) 224-8511 or email. 40617 REAL WALLACE & JOYCE L/TR 38 - St. Hedwig 40443 ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO 355 - STORAGE GARAGE - AUTOMOTI Property Search; Map Search; Tax Year: Property Search > 266884 281/OVERLOOK PARTNERS LP for Year 2023. 3359545 BLUE STREAM PROPERTIES/HELEN KLONEK/VALERIE MALDONADO 2630575 SWINDLE JAMES/INKEE KIM You may not use this site for the purposes of furnishing consumer reports about search subjects or for any use prohibited by the FCRA. 3358618 DELTA PROPERTY TAX ADVISORS, LLC 10405 CHRISTOPHER, HENRY W JR Videos. 60476 P E PENNINGTON & CO 60063 ADVALOREMTAX.NET MDV - Misc Det Value 60049 INVOKE TAX PARTNERS DE 3016115 STEPHEN W HORN 3181526 BRUCE DUNBAR STK - Storage Tank 3231410 RYAN LLC Bexar County Clerk's Office GIS Maps The Google Pegman can additionally be utilized to view and explore street-level imagery. 482 - BRANCH BANK 3081508 INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY TAX SOLUTIONS 48 - City of Sandy Oaks 3116019 CANDICE JENSEN 3116205 INTERNATIONAL APPRAISAL COMPANY 3360056 DOUG MORGAN & CO INC 2847831 RYAN, LLC AND ITS AFFILIATE RYAN TAX COMPLIANCE SERVICE, LLC 40307 EPSTEIN, CLAYTON S 520 - MULTI-PURPOSE SCHOOL 60691 MEREDITH C INC 2832973 JP SKIDMORE & COMPANY LLC 132 - DORM BSMT UTIL 3171037 PASSANO MICHAEL I 2961365 GRANT THORNTON LP 156 - SENIOR NURSING HOME (W OR 2950818 MONTE BARNES Public Property Records provide information on homes, land, or commercial properties, including titles, mortgages, property deeds, and a range of other documents. 3013794 JUNEK CONSULTING/ ALLEN JUNEK We welcome you to our main downtown location, Vista Verde Plaza! D2 - FARM AND RANCH IMPROVEMENTS ON QUALIFIED LAND CAD Forms; State Forms; Appraisal District . NE J2 - GAS DISTRIBUTION 3136350 ROSE M ESPINOZA 3173302 KPMG LLP/ ANGELA FRENCH AND EMPLOYEES 102 - APTMNT BSMT PARKING 40539 ALEJOS, GEORGE L. 44 - CITY OF LYTLE CNP - Canopy 60098 PROPERTY VALUATION SERVICES Understanding The Property Tax Process; Business Personal Property (BPP) Downloads (Data Download Disclaimer) Capitalization Rate for Low Income Housing; Reports; Property Tax Appeal Info; Real Property (Residential) Inventory; Property Tax & Appraisal News; Exemptions; Tax Information; Agricultural . 3225305 BDO USA, LLP RRS - Railroad Siding LST - Lumber Storage 2953240 ERNST & YOUNG LLP LOTER MATTIE L & REAGOR RILEY. 60477 G.W. 2437890 WONDER CPA FIRM, PC 3294035 DELOITTE TAX LLP DCK2 - Attached 2nd story deck All of the property search information contained within this website is made without warranty of any type stated or otherwise implied. 2558350 UHY ADVISORS SALT LLC 40728 VAN CLEAVE ALBERT W To do so, you will need your OWNER/AGENT ID and PIN located at the top of your appraisal notice and accompanying letter. 3355810 RSM US LLP / JASON PARKER Albert Uresti, MPA, PCAC, CTOPBexar County Tax Assessor-Collector, Lisa Anderson, PCCChief Deputy of Administration, Michael G. CuellarChief Deputy of Operations, Jeffrey Acevedo, PCCDirector, Financial Reporting, Marilyn N. GonzalesDirector, Motor Vehicle Registration Department, Carlos J. Gutierrez, PCCDirector, Property Tax Department, Stephanie Y. Gonzales, PCCDirector, Public Information. 2750951 PATTON ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT LLC Under Section 31.02 of the Texas Tax Code, taxes are issued on OCTOBER 1st of each year and are due upon receipt of the tax bill and become delinquent if not paid before FEBRUARY 1st of the year following the year in which imposed and subject to penalty and interest. 60435 GEORGE MCELROY & ASSOCIATES 3234532 SEAN MOORE 205 - FAST FOOD RESTAURANT 40736 SPECK SCOTT 2498162 RIVAS, GARY A. 2850321 PROPERTY TAX PARTNERS in the property tax system the local property tax system follows the principle of checks and balances. Floyd County Appraisal District. 3005920 HEDGE MARK R Search Bexar County Deed Records to find transfers of ownership, tax liens and delinquencies, PA 2851221 AD VALOREM SPECIALISTS LLC 2850952 PROPERTY TAX CONSULTANTS 2903487 PINNACLE PROPERTY GROUP 207 - FAST FOOD DINE/PLAY 40294 MOTHERS WINDOW TINT 3327219 DUFF & PHELPS LLC//KROLL, LLC 40005 KB HOME 3169634 ANTHONY J FRAANCKOWIAK J1 - WATER SYSTEMS 325 - DISTRBTN WAREHOUSE 60551 TUCKER CO REALTOR 3298047 RYAN, LLC 3360493 PROPERTY TAX RESOURCE//HUGHES KEVIN ENC - Enclosure LA - Living Area Limit of 5 free uses per day. 425 - JAIL 40317 HAAG ELMER C 2577028 DROUILLARD, DENNIS J 3164987 RYAN LLC (ARACELI OROPEZA, DREW GARVIN, AMANDA MIRANDA) Find Bexar County GIS maps, tax maps, and parcel viewers to search for and identify land and property records. Truth in Taxation Property Search The 86th Texas Legislature modified the manner in which the voter-approval tax rate is calculated to limit the rate of growth of property taxes in the state. 2837462 STEEVENS & WILLIAMSON PROPERTY TAX SERVICE 3123025 LISA ADAMS 3030401 RYAN LLC 3009889 CURTIS K HARSHAW Baylor County Appraisal District. 2541504 JADE PROPERTIES INC 2872523 RYAN, LLC 2558070 INGRAM & INGRAM 10924 SCHARF EDWIN E / LORNA S MAIN 60519 INTERNATIONAL APPRAISAL CO / GLENN KACHMARSKY Try a more simple search like just the street name. 3129978 CYNTHIA & DAVID PITTMAN continues to be open for tax payments and vehicle registration renewals. 3377396 ALI ROUZBEHANI We appreciate your support! 2614497 BARRON CORPORATE TAX SOLUTIONS Click Here for our Help page. 2868022 ROBERT J WANDRISCO appraisal data by Year Built, Square Footage, Deed Date, Value Range, Property Type, and many more advanced search criteria. 40795 WHIPPLE, CHRISTINA The Online Portal is also available . 3289152 DR DELIA BARA #BCAD. 3126185 STANCIL PROPERTY TAX LLC If you need access to your OWNER/AGENT ID and PIN, please contact our customer service department by phone at210-224-2432or emailcsefile@bcad.orgto request the information be mailedto you. The appraisal district is responsible for appraising property in the district for ad valorem tax purposes of each taxing unit that imposes ad valorem taxes on property in the district. 135 - HOTEL LIMITED SVC Search Bexar County property assessments by tax roll, parcel number, property owner, address, and taxable value. You may enter the building through the Justice Center on Dolorosa or the Paul Elizondo Tower on Nueva St. (closest to the parking garage). This year is not certified and ALL values will be represented with "N/A". 3356255 GRANT THORNTON LLP 2852258 TESORO COMPANIES INCE CT 2855114 RANDY J REAL 3059739 ALTUS GROUP US INC / JORDAN HARRINTON 56092 ZALCBERG SAM 21 - San Antonio 2702 32ND ST, LUBBOCK, TX 79410. 3008021 JP RAND 3189589 ALTUS GROUP US, INC 312 - LABORATORY BLDG 602 - CHURCH BSMT UNFIN 3065174 KAVANAUGH CONSULTING LLC 3113089 DEL BLAIR OF BLAIR TAX CONSULTING 306 - INDSTRL MFCTR BSMT 2412624 JIMENEZ, ROGER R. Bexar CAD. 3165060 RYAN LLC (ARACELI OROPEZA, DREW GARVIN) 2901797 ERNST & YOUNG 3056088 FAIRTAX GROUP 2660242 SAVANNAH FUNDING LLC 3356175 KROLL, LLC 50001 NANCE & ASSOCIATES INC Our mission is to provide accurate property assessments to facilitate the local funding for our county, schools, cities, and other districts that derive budgets and other operating expenses from local property values. 3244803 ALPHA TAX SOLUTIONS LDK - Loading Dock 2852951 INVOKE TAX PARTNERS 60515 DELOITTE TAX LLP 3288206 RON RAY The fee for a certified copy of a document is $5.00 for the certification and a $1.00 per page of the document. Any 2563061 INDUSTRY CONSULTING GROUP INC HPO - Poultry House F3 - NOMINAL ANCILLARY IMPROVEMENTS 3274471 PROPERTY TAX RELIEF OF SOUTH TEXAS https://www.tsl.texas.gov/arc/local/aboutrecords.html. 2481280 ENLOW REAL ESTATE SERVICES NV 3167032 MATTHEW BADDERS 3234508 ANDREW BONILLAS 2768997 ARTHUR P VELTMAN & ASSOC INC . 3059104 MERIT ADVISORS LP Land Sketches, where available in Bexar County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the property. 2564066 ERNST & YOUNG 60585 ARTHUR P. VELTMAN & ASSOCIATES 40575 PECOS MORTAGE INC 3047148 PROPERTY TAX RESOURCE Quick Search. 3290179 CNC ADVISORS PLLC (WAQAR CHAUDRY) 2548559 AD VALOREM TAX MANAGEMENT Find results quickly by selecting the Owner, Address, ID or Advanced search tabs above. PHO - Photo Mat 2852623 COLD RIVER LAND MANAGEMENT LLC / REAL PROPERTY TAX MANAGEMENT LA 2725408 AL SEGUIN, C.P.A. 3237419 THOMAS MICHAEL DREYER A company with ties to Weston Urban, Next to Denny's LP, purchased the property at 900 Dolorosa St. from Cavalier Texas LP on February 22, according to Bexar County property records. Bexar County Property Tax Exemptions VALUES DISPLAYED ARE 2022 CERTIFIED VALUES. PSS - Prefab Stl Silo F3 - NOMINAL ANCILLARY IMPROVEMENTS C1 - SMALL VACANT TRACTS OF LAND 3025052 SCOTT ROGER E 60494 PROPERTY TAX ASSOCIATES INC 60290 EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION 3005919 BUSTAMANTE LAW OFFICE Because GIS mapping technology is so . 40519 FRANK GONZALES REALTY CO 3337054 CHAMPIONS PROPERTY TAX 2960918 MARNEY M HIGGS TN 2552752 RAFFERTY BETH A 3130711 COLLETTA A HALLMARK 3123278 MARQUARDT LAW FIRM 600 - CHURCH 3156120 ROBIN A LOTZ Bandera, TX 78003. AR 2670018 FIELDS, K KRAIG CPA County Clerk's webpage for marriage information, Jury Services webpage for more information. 40801 BENSON, NUALA 2960256 PROPERTY TAX COMPLIANCE RESOURCES 2773156 SRDC LLC Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement. 3064009 DR. DELIA BARA 3009088 COPELAND CHRISTOPHER 60573 REAL ESTATE SERVICES OF S TX 2941739 MCCOLLUM CONSULTING To value property and administer exemptions within the Comal Appraisal Districts jurisdiction, fairly and equitably in accordance with the Texas Property Tax Code and other appraisal practices and standards, using the staff and resources available to carry out the duties in a professional, friendly, courteous and ethical manner. LA2 - Living Area 2nd Level Search Bexar Appraisal District Office property tax by address and tax year. 40316 CASIAS, ANDRES 40842 DRURY SOUTHWEST INC 40723 MANN HOLDING COMPANY LTD 3224309 RYAN LLC 3076438 LINDA ROBINSON 60065 PREMIER PROPERTY TAX Visit our locations to register, transfer, or renew your DMV registration! 3169255 KENNETH W ANDERSON, III 3237777 SARA CRAWFORD 2614175 THOMSON REUTERS S - SPECIAL INVENTORY, Select SWP - Swimming Pool 2850205 RYAN LLC 443 - OFFICE/FLEX Please contact customer service if you have questions regarding your active or pending protest with the ARB at (210) 224-2432 or by email at cs@bcad.org ** 3169919 PARADIGM TAX GROUP Information found on CountyOffice.org is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. 2955337 DUCHARME, MCMILLEN & ASSOCIATES INC Find foreclosures and properties with tax liens to get exclusive access to investment opportunities in the Bexar area. SD 2417423 INDUSTRIAL VALUATION SERVICES 2760449 PROPERTY TAX SPECIALISTS INC 40999 KFD INC 2957686 SHACKELFORD MELTON MCKINLEY & NORTON LLP CPS - Service Station Canopy We welcome you to use the data on this website for informational use only. 60343 GUZMAN ADOLPH E 2621522 INDUSTRY CONSULTING GROUP, INC. Your PIN is case sensitive. 40301 TIMAR ENTERPRISES property taxes. Ft. 26018 Goldfinch Trl, San Antonio, TX 78255. 2986050 LERETA, LLC 299 - MEZZANINE-RETAIL OPP - Detached Open Porch All members can search Bexar County, TX appraisal data, and print property reports that may include gis maps, land sketches, and improvement sketches. 2718484 GUTIERREZ PETE E 2833609 RYAN LLC 130 - DORMITORY It is not intended for the bulk transfer of data. 60011 ADLER CONSTRUCTION & REALTY 625 - MOVIE THEATER Find Bexar County GIS maps, tax maps, and parcel viewers to search for and identify land and property records. 50016 BURDICK CUSTOM HOMES INC 3068677 GEORGE GAISER View Bexar County, Texas property tax exemption information, including homestead exemptions, low income assistance, senior and veteran exemptions, applications, and program details. 60542 ALLIANCE TAX ADVISORS 60105 OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS GROUP 3224273 VERVENT INC Click "Advanced" for more search options. 2954778 SHILLIG CARTER NEIL 3233571 DARIN & GARY JONES 3204995 ALTUS GROUP US INC 2903590 DARIN AND GARY JONES 60465 NATIONWIDE CONSULTING CO INC Nearby homes similar to 4863 Evers Rd have recently sold between $399K to $399K at an average of $160 per square foot. http://www.bcad.org/clientdb/ 3013236 BEAUCHAMP LAWRENCE A ATTY AT LAW 3297641 DENNIS J DROUILLARD, ATTORNEY AT LAW VALUES DISPLAYED ARE 2022 CERTIFIED VALUES. 60062 INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX PROPERTY GROUP 2506779 BENCHMARK AD VALOREM J7 - CABLE TELEVISION 3110896 RYAN, LLC Try a more simple search like just the street name. NM Go to "Type of Search" below and select a second Search Criteria. In accordance w the TX Property Tax Code, the ARB is an independent entity from the Bexar Appraisal . court records search allows you to search for criminal court case records in Bexar County. 240 - DISCOUNT STORE TaxNetUSA members with a Bexar County, TX Pro subscription can search 220 - RETAIL STORE This step is optional. View Bexar County Clerk's Office foreclosure map, including parcel and school district information. The Bexar Appraisal District (BCAD) sets property values and is a non-county organization that is separate from the Tax Assessor-Collector's office. 2,466 Sq. 51 - East Central ISD You may use your current appraisal notice to find this information, if you have received one. 405 - MECHANICAL PENTHOUSE It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries. Bexar County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Bexar County, Texas. 2844946 RYAN LLC 60040 PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION SERVICES O0433548. 60560 AT&T SERVICES, INC. Do not file this document with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. View Bexar County, Texas building codes, zoning regulations, development regulations, and other online services. 14134 HELEN CHEEVER For property information, contact (210) 242-2432 or (210) 224-8511 or email. 60590 L.B. 2622296 ERIC A PULLEN-PULMAN, CAPPUCCIO, PULLEN & BENSON & JONES LLP 3216822 REY GONZALEZ this site you will find general information about the District and the ad valorem property tax system in Texas, as well as information regarding specific properties within the district. 2621407 BRIMBLE, MARIA 60370 HARDING & CARBONE INC Our office hours are 8 am to 4:45 PM, Monday thru Friday, and until 6:30 PM on Wednesdays. 3359926 AXIS TAX CONSULTANTS 3061081 TREVINO & CROSTLEY, PROPERTY TAX SERVICES,LLC changes to a homes square footage (indicating a remodel or home addition), and more. 2902996 PROPERTY TAX ASSOCIATES INC 3369062 TEXAS PROPERTY TAX REDUCTIONS / THE RAY TAX GROUP 1. 45 - FAIR OAKS RANCH 2717490 TEXAS PROPERTY TAX NETWORK Search Bexar County Appraisal District property records by owner name, address, and DBA. This website only contains information about values. 12018 GOLLA MELVIN & RUBY 2.5 Baths. View Bexar County, Texas building codes, zoning regulations, development regulations, and other online services. 105 - LUXURY HIGHRISE APARTMENT Over 4 billion dollars in Bexar County property taxes were collected and disbursed. 3242312 EDGAR EDDIE LOPEZ Our Southside Drive-Thru is located at 3505 Pleasanton Rd. Please enter PIN exactly as it appears. All other past due taxes are surrendered for collection on July 1st of the year the taxes became delinquent and are also subject to the additional 15 or 20% collection fee. 3165672 NEWMARK KNIGHT FRANK 2714977 PADGETT STRATEMANN & CO LLP SEARCH BY OWNER NAME: Hint: "Smith A" Enter only the first part of the last name. DCK3 - Attached Deck - 3rd level 2872182 D3 REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS LLC Copyright 2023 TaxNetUSA, Inc. 16637-C Old Jacksonville Hwy Tyler, TX 75703 , * Downloadable Lists and mailing labels require. 3356095 BRANDON L HOWARD, CPA 3234174 DELOITTE TAX LLP 2505169 BRESSLER, STEPHEN A./HOLLIS, JAMES W. JR. 2023 County Office. 3289775 GREATAMERICA PORTFOLIO SERVICES GROUP LLC https://www.bexar.org/3032/2018-Official-Tax-Rates-Exemptions This service includes filing an exemption on your residential homestead property, submitting a Notice of Protest, and receiving important notices and other information online. 411 N. Frio, San Antonio, TX 78207 bcad.org Joined May 2018. 11889 RICHARD & MARIA DRURY 280 - NEIGHBHD SHOPG CTR 2605151 3W PROPERTY TAX SERVICES 3019405 MILLENNIUM TAX SERVICES LLC Find results quickly by selecting the Owner, Address, ID or Advanced search tabs above. 40072 EAST CENTRAL DEV CORP 3059441 RYAN LLC Panola County Tax Assessor - Collector - Property Data Search. Search Index Only. 3171812 INTAX, INC 510 - CLASSROOM 2949335 NATIONAL BUREAU OF PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION 3155734 TEXAS PROTAX AUSTIN WV 40267 GREAT NORTHWEST COMMUNITY 26 - Converse All members have the ability to download search results *. 60609 GRISSOM DOYLE E TPK - Trailer park 1 Visit the Property Search tab above and enter a search term. 3165843 CRABTREE ROWE & BERGER PC 387 - STORAGE T-HANGAR GIS Maps are produced by the U.S. government and private companies. ME 3356035 LAM PO & XU, CPA'S 3360164 MITZIE DELGADO 60368 PROPERTY TAX GROUP Property Alert. For Tax Exemptions, Homestead Exemptions or Property Value Concerns, please call (210) 224-2432. 40910 CARRERA, ROBERT G 211 South Flores StreetSan Antonio, TX 78207Phone: 210-335-2700View Map and Get Directions. 40009 GUSTAFSON PARTNERS LTD 40555 LYLE SAMUEL ELEVs2 - Elevator small 2 stop AK 56 - Northside ISD Jurors parking at the garage will receive a discounted rate, please bring your parking ticket for validation at Jury Services. The Bexar County Tax Office collects ad valorem property taxes for Bexar County, the Road and Flood Control Fund, and 57 other taxing entities. lynette williams missouri, madison capital group newport beach,